Two transport trucks with trailers and one straight truck, city background Two transport trucks with trailers and one straight truck, city background

The equipment and know-how to serve your transportation needs

At Tripar Transportation, we look at every one of our clients as business partners, not as customers and we strive to provide the highest quality of service to our partners, regardless of industry, to ensure that both of our businesses continue to thrive. We are able to continuously deliver high levels of quality service because we continuously invest in our equipment and ongoing training for all personnel.

Tripar Transportation has the expertise to handle:

  • Over the counter pharmaceuticals
  • Pharmaceutical raw ingredients and narcotics
  • Pharmaceutical components i.e. plastic bottles, containers, etc
  • Personal care products and cosmetics
  • Industrial manufacturing products
  • High value and specialty goods
  • OEM and aftermarket automotive products
  • Food flavouring, regulated and non-regulated chemicals
  • Plus all other general commodities

Cold Chain Capable

Tripar Transportation is the one of the few cross border LTL and full truckload carriers that can offer pharmaceutical companies both traditional and temperature-controlled cross border shipping. This makes Tripar an ideal partner, as we are capable of both shipping raw supplies to pharmaceutical facilities and returning at a later date to pick up the finished, temperature-sensitive, packaged products. Tripar handles both ambient 2°C–8°C and 15°C–25°C temperature ranges in both validated and non-validated environments.