A reefer trailer and heated trailer A reefer trailer and heated trailer

Cross border cold-chain transportation solutions

Tripar specializes in the transportation of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and other medical products including both raw materials and finished products ready for distribution. Over our 35-plus years in business, we have developed strict Standards of Care which means our cold-chain team is highly trained and dedicated to ensuring all temperature-controlled shipments are completed with the assurances and reliability our customers require.

Heated, cooled and ambient LTL & truckload

Our state-of-the-art fleet of temperature-controlled trailers are equipped with GPS tracking capabilities and real-time temperature monitoring which works to guarantee and protect the integrity of any temperature-sensitive product transported in our care.

Our equipment allows us to ship both 2C°–8C° and 15C°–25C° (ambient) products. Tripar offers temperature-controlled hybrid electric trailer units equipped with validated systems to meet Health Canada GUI-0069 standards as well as non-validated heated and reefer service as required.

Multi-temp trailer solutions

To provide our valued clients with a complete range of temperature-controlled transportation solutions, Tripar also provides multi-temp trailers which include the same state-of-the-art monitoring and tracking technologies. To maximize payloads, these trailers can be configured on-demand and customized to accommodate various amounts of freight at different temperatures.